Hargrave offers three ways to get onboard the yacht of your dreams

Models, Styles & Pricing

Your Checklist for Buying a New Yacht:

Prepare to purchase your new yacht by using this checklist. Of course, choosing Hargrave Custom Yachts as your selected yacht builder will make this checklist very easy:


Quality should be the highest priority. Take a step down in size before you take a step down in quality.

Consider Pre-Owned

If size is also a top priority, consider previously owned and restored to new condition, just so you can maintain the quality.

Calculate the full cost
of ownership.

The higher the quality the lower the depreciation, the maintenance and the other costs of ownership that comprise the yacht’s true value.


Take tours. Go to shows. Walk any marina. You will likely find that Hargrave Custom Yachts has no peer when it comes to the quality of work and the level of customization.

Talk to Owners

Over 50% of the previous Hargrave owners have returned to build another Hargrave—several have done that 4 times over the past 10 years. Hargrave owners are the happiest of owners.

Consider the after sale-
customer service

Hargrave’s customer service is world famous and one reason we enjoy such a high reorder rate. Rest assured Hargrave will come to meet you and your yacht wherever it is located at the time of need.


THE HARGRAVE DIFFERENCE = Quality + Value + Customization +Technology

Current Hargrave owners are eager to demonstrate the Hargrave difference. See for yourself and discover why Hargrave has the highest reorder rate in the business.